Birth Stories

Many Mums are generous enough to offer us their unique birth stories to share with our community, and it’s wonderful when we get to finally meet the babes.


I wanted to write to say a big thank you for the yoga classes these past few months. I didn't know quite what to expect but they quickly became one of my favourite hours of the week - a quiet time to really focus on my baby and de-stress from the battles of work. I...

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Most importantly, I can look back at the birth itself and smile with tears in my eyes. It was utterly incredible. Perfect in fact. Unbelievably empowering. And the love I felt for both my husband and baby was off the scale. Coming to yoga classes not only helped my...

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I would say my birth experience started when I joined your excellent YogaBirth classes. Before then I had a very different perception of birth; thought that I would involve going into the hospital, having an epidural as soon as I walked through the door, letting the...

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A totally natural delivery

I gave birth to a baby girl (3 kilos!) at 1.41 am on Thursday The birth team (A wonderful midwife and acupuncturist) was amazing and with the help of the positions you taught us we managed to get through with a totally natural labour and delivery. Thankfully there...

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A wonderful birth

His birth was wonderful. Very long and hard work but such a great experience. I gave birth to him standing up with R holding me up. It was such a great moment when he came out and I held him for the first time. Life with a new born is pretty full on and has been quite...

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My well-prepared birth partner

I first felt some twinges on Christmas day – lower backache and mild period pains, but these had faded by the next day. This repeated on New Year’s Day, but this time strong enough to keep me awake. By the morning I was having definite contractions every 20 minutes. I...

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A positive birth experience

The birth, all in all was a very positive experience – A. was with me throughout labour and the birth, except for when he went for meals. We were also really happy with the midwives at the hospital and the way they did everything. It was just wonderful to have a...

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