Pregnancy Yoga

Physical strength and suppleness are a vital combination for pregnancy and beyond.

Preparedness is also key, along with moral support from caring professionals who know what you’re going through.

YogaBirth Pregnancy Yoga classes give equal emphasis to each, with a safe, effective and integrated form of yoga perfect to practise from fourteen weeks of pregnancy up to the birth of your baby.

Incorporating gravity-assisting positions and birth breathing techniques especially designed for labour and birth, they’re designed to keep your baby well-oxygenated and to help make birth easier, faster and complication-free.

Growing a baby is wonderful, but we know it brings your body challenges. Meanwhile, thoughts of the birth can brew anxiety.

Our classes are welcoming and enjoyable, above all. We share birth experience knowledge developed over 30 years with one aim: for you to leave every session feeling calmer and a just a little bit more confident than before you arrived.

Tea afterwards provides the chance for you to nurture long-lasting friendships, helping your adventure into motherhood get off to the best possible start.

YogaBirth Pregnancy Yoga classes feature:

  • Preparation for labour & birth through yoga
  • Breathing
  • Pelvic floor strength & awareness
  • Muscle toning to enhance health & comfort
  • Movements to improve posture & circulation
  • Information about pregnancy & birth
  • Relaxation & peace of mind
  • Refreshments & discussion


Breathing, essential to life and birth, is the core of YogaBirth classes. Over the weeks spent with our teachers, through the practice of simple breath awareness, visualisation and sounding, you will become familiar with the natural rhythm of your breath and increase your ability to focus inward.

When practised in simple postures hypnobreathing will enable you to go into the “zone”- a meditative state which is perfect for labour. This practice is healing and calms the busy mind during pregnancy, clearing the way for you to listen to your own intuitive voice.

Breath awareness is the background to all YogaBirth classes, so that when the time comes and your body takes over during labour you will instinctively know how to use your breath to soothe, steady and guide yourself through the waves of contractions and breathe yourself to an easier birth.

Resting over Birth Ball

Preparation for Labour and Birth

YogaBirth classes are designed to nourish, release and ground you. Regular attendance develops your confidence and builds trust in your body’s innate ability to give birth.
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Movements to improve posture & circulation

Gravity-assisting postures and movements are incorporated into each session. Providing greater comfort for you, they keep your baby well-oxygenated and in an optimal position for the start of labour, contributing to the likelihood of a faster, uncomplicated birth.
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Information about pregnancy & birth

YogaBirth teachers are committed to exploring ways to make your birth experience personal and positive. This practical focus gives you a deeper understanding of what to expect and how you can support yourself, during the birthing process.
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Muscle toning to enhance health & comfort

A strong body is the foundation for good health. Our classes pay attention to every muscle group, increasing your strength and flexibility, while minimizing aches and pains.
Pregnancy Yoga

Pelvic floor strength & awareness

Postural and pelvic floor awareness optimises health and functional well-being during the childbearing year. Stronger pelvic floor muscles help to heal your vagina and perineum and to maintain your bladder and bowel control.
Time to Nourish

Relaxation & peace of mind

Pregnancy and birth can be times of mixed emotions. YogaBirth classes give you effective tools to make informed decisions that can transform your birth into an empowering and enjoyable experience.
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Refreshments & discussion

Many long-lasting friendships begin at YogaBirth classes. Women gain support and learn enormously from each other, by sharing concerns, encouragement and tips.

“The classes gave me the knowledge I needed to feel confident about my choices in labour & overcome my fears’”