Postnatal Yoga

Yoga can support you tremendously during your baby’s rewarding, yet demanding, first year.

Suitable from about 6 weeks after birth, YogaBirth Postnatal Yoga classes are specifically designed to be the first exercise you do as a new mother.

Through our specialised yoga practice and breath awareness, you’ll learn how to release the tension that comes with feeding, carrying and comforting your baby. Bodywork that honours the particular needs of your postnatal body will restore your core strength and replenish your energy.

These weekly classes afford an ideal opportunity to exchange ideas and feel connected to other new mothers sharing similar experiences.

Consistent feedback from our classes is that they provide a grounding counterbalance to the highs and lows of new motherhood. Decades of working with new Mums and developing our yogic approach have enabled us to hone the physical and emotional support you’ll find most valuable at this time.

Chats with fellow class members afterwards offer a sociable space to mingle and swap handy parenting tips.

YogaBirth Postnatal Yoga classes feature:

  • Pelvic floor education
  • Abdominal & core strength
  • Easy stretches & good postural awareness
  • Relaxing movements you can repeat at home
  • Breath awareness
  • Time to chat

Pregnancy Yoga

Relaxing movements you can repeat at home

Your new bundle is sure to keep you on your toes. YogaBirth offers you a range of techniques to take away, recognising your need to unwind and relax outside class.
Postnatal Yoga Class Moving

Abdominal & core strength

Babies can take their toll on your tummy and back muscles. YogaBirth classes teach you exercises that will help restore your core strength, essential to improve your balance and stability.
Postnatal Yoga Class Moving

Easy stretches & good postural awareness

Being a new Mum is physically demanding. By learning simple techniques and being mindful of the new challenges to your body, you can take simple proactive steps to support your well-being.
Postnatal Yoga Class Moving

Time to chat

Community is immensely important for new Mums. Having a welcoming space to chat and share a cuppa with other women going through similar experiences is hugely reassuring and supportive.
Postnatal Yoga Class

Pelvic floor awareness

Making the effort to strengthen your pelvic floor after childbirth is an investment you won’t regret. Our classes remind you to pay attention to these important muscles at a time when it’s easy to get distracted.
Postnatal Yoga Class Resting

Breath awareness

Breathing more fully has a wide range of health benefits. Our classes enable you to tune into yours, lowering stress, calming your busy mind and releasing tension.
“I often enter exhausted but always come away feeling nurtured, relaxed and more able to cope with life with a small baby.”