Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

Learn a unique approach to supporting women after birth, in our YogaBirth postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Why train with YogaBirth?

YogaBirth has over 25 years of experience teaching yoga to women postnatally and accompanying and supporting them on their personal journey through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood. Our postnatal training provides an opportunity to study with leading professionals in the field of postnatal support, recovery and empowerment. You will learn to teach a unique form of yoga, rooted in the body’s own intelligence, and respectful of the physiology of postpartum recovery and healing.

The comprehensive 60-hour YogaBirth postnatal yoga training is designed for those passionate about this work, who are seeking an informed and in-depth learning journey and who want to grow and absorb knowledge and skill.

YogaBirth is a unique, supportive and empowering professional community of pregnancy and postnatal yoga teachers. We are united through our training and through our passion for championing all people during this life changing time.

Who can apply?

YogaBirth welcomes anyone who has a deep commitment to working with people after birth and who can demonstrate a regular yoga practice of at least 12 months. Participants often include yoga teachers, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, physiotherapists, hypnotherapists, Hypnobirthing practitioners and complementary therapists.

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What will the training cover?

The YogaBirth Postnatal Module provides high-quality training to enable students to become competent postnatal yoga teachers.

The YogaBirth approach to yoga is inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli. This is the ideal yoga post birth: gentle yet powerful, working with the breath and with gravity, and with attention to natural movement that supports the dynamic structure and state of the body.

The course focuses on how yoga can be integrated to support and empower the experience of landing in early parenthood.

You will learn to teach safe and appropriate yoga for the postpartum period that harnesses the combined effect of the breath and gravity, perfectly attuned to postnatal restoration and recovery.

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Our unique Teacher Training also incorporates:

  • In-depth study of the physiology of the postpartum period
  • Essential exercises for safe, healthy recovery.
  • Awareness of the social, spiritual and emotional experiences women meet when becoming mothers
  • Physical and emotional nurturing for parenthood
  • Breastfeeding
  • Unique teaching skills that embody our person-centred, inclusive approach: enabling us to adapt classes as needed
  • Holding and leading groups where mothers and babies are together.
  • The mother – baby dyad.
  • Facilitating empowering discussion.
  • Awareness and safety issues in yoga.
  • Signposting and best practice: for when people need additional support and help.
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How is the course run?

The course is delivered virtually.

During the training students have access to pre-recorded presentations and content, digital resources and handouts.

There will be a recommended reading list.

Students will be expected to prepare assignments during the course. Observation and teaching skills are gained by sitting in on a minimum of 4 Postnatal YogaBirth classes. The class observations provide essential experience of YogaBirth’s unique approach to post-natal yoga teaching.

Students who have not completed the YogaBirth Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training will be required to attend a minimum of 6 hours of yoga classes with a Scaravelli-inspired teacher (or equivalent in workshop time) in the month prior to, or by the end of the training.

What is the course qualification?

On completion of the Postnatal Teacher Training, graduates, (who are not full YogaBirth members,) will have the benefit of early bird notification and booking rates for YogaBirth inspirational trainings and events, including the full YogaBirth Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training.

When is the next training?

The next training will start in November 2024.

How do I apply to train as a YogaBirth Postnatal Yoga Teacher?

To apply to train as a YogaBirth Postnatal Yoga teacher, receive our training prospectus or for more information, please contact Ruth Polden by clicking the button below.

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Learning with YogaBirth is always an inspiring deep-dive. So much knowledge, professionalism, experience and attention to detail.

YogaBirth Teaching Faculty

Ruth Polden

Ruth has been following her passion for supporting and empowering women on their motherhood journey for over 30 years. She is a Feldenkrais practitioner, yoga teacher, YogaBirth teacher and Playing Big facilitator. Ruth trained with Janet Balaskas, Lolly Stirk and Yvonne Moore in 1991. She founded Motherwise, The Israel Natural Childbirth Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel (1992) where she lived for 20 years.

As a catalyst for change and choice for people and their families in Israel, and to inspire and give agency to birthworkers in creating women-centred, continuity of care, she co-created and curated The Bliss Space (2007), an online community
supporting mothers to celebrate their motherhood experience.

Ruth brings a direct, empathetic approach to her work that inspires confidence, self-respect and self-kindness, empowering mothers to value themselves and the choices they make. Ruth teaches on the London Yoga Teachers Training course, training and mentoring yoga teachers of the future and The South East Alexander School for Alexander Technique practitioners.

Julie Krausz

Julie’s passionate interest in birth began in 1982. In 1988 she trained with Janet Balaskas,
Yvonne Moore and Lolly Stirk as an Active Birth Teacher and soon after trained as a Scaravelli yoga teacher with John Stirk, Mary Stewart and Sophy Hoare. In 2011 Julie gained a British
Wheel of Yoga Diploma via an Integration course. Julie is a KGHypnobirthing teacher, holds Diploma’s in Remedial Massage, Source Breathwork and the Unicef Breastfeeding certificate.

Julie has taught Post-Natal Yoga for Mums and Babies since 1991 and also teaches Prenatal yoga, Birth Preparation,
Massage for Pregnancy & Labour and Scaravelli yoga.

Julie has been a Tutor and Mentor on the YogaBirth Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training since 2014 and is keen to help nurture the YogaBirth teachers of the future. She lives in NW London.

Lola Alcaraz-Perez

Lola has been supporting women during birth and the postnatal period for over 30 years. She qualified as an Active Birth Teacher and Birth Educator with Janet Balaskas, Lolly Stirk and Yvonne Moore, over 25 years ago and has been working in a more focused and intense way with
postnatal women through her yoga and baby massage classes and in her role as a Doula. Ever since, Lola believes that to nurture postnatal women, (who often live away from their families and original communities), you need a compassionate heart, your best intentions and a deep awareness and understanding of the needs women face at this time in their lives. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Lola loves sharing her extensive knowledge and expertise, grown over the years. And is always excited, honoured and grateful to be preparing a new generation of teachers to carry on with this essential work.