Most of our teachers now offer classes Online.

Please  check with your teacher for more details.

Approaching Birth with Love


YogaBirth invites every woman bringing a new life into the world to connect with her innate wisdom through yoga.
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“Attending YogaBirth classes gave me confidence to know that I wanted to keep moving during my labour.’”

Time to Nourish

New Mum? Step out of your busy life to be active, get healthy, and feel beautifully nourished

Time to Connect

Gain confidence in your mothering role, by creating space to focus exclusively on you and your baby

Time to Grow

As your baby gets bigger week-by-week, allow yourself time to strengthen and prepare for what’s ahead

Time to Empower

Share your journey, learning how to create a positive birth mindset together

“After the yoga, we would all have tea and talk about pregnancy, labour and birth and I learnt more in those sessions than any antenatal classes.”

The YogaBirth Way

YogaBirth Way champions yoga’s power to help you trust in your deep understanding of how to carry, birth, and mother your baby…

Our Roots

Explore our powerful history advocating for women’s birth rights since the 1970s.…

Become a Teacher

We welcome yoga advocates looking to share their passion with budding and new Mums, by embracing the challenge of YogaBirth’s rewarding training…

Birth Stories

YogaBirth Mums share the tale of their baby’s entry to the world, each as unique as a set of tiny fingerprints…

“I loved the unique essence of the teacher training course. This came from the amazing blend of tutors, students and content.”