The YogaBirth Way

YogaBirth believes the union of mind, body and breath is the ideal way to prepare for labour, birth and the immense transition into motherhood.

We honour childbirth as a healthy, normal event in the life of a woman, family and society. We trust in the body’s natural intelligence and in the instinctive, physiological process of birth.

We also recognise there’s no correct way to give birth and are committed to providing up-to-date information, judgement-free, to help each Mum make her own informed decisions.

YogaBirth teaching is rooted in the body’s own intelligence and intuition.

Our mission is to invite every woman bringing a new life into the world to connect with her innate wisdom through yoga.



"I attended classes from around 27 weeks pregnant and don’t think I’d have got by without YogaBirth.  I would say the only thing that got me through labour was my yoga breathing! I would highly recommend YogaBirth classes whether you have done yoga in the past or not. I have also made some lovely new friends through with similar aged babies."


"I also really valued the companionship with other pregnant women, and the atmosphere of honesty… a space to vent, be reassured, and take some positive perspective into the next busy week."


"I started pregnancy yoga with YogaBirth when I was 26 weeks pregnant and wished I had discovered this class earlier! 
My life was positively hectic throughout my pregnancy and the classes gave me the chance to relax and focus solely on myself and my baby.  Our teacher was brilliant and she taught us a range of fundamental skills, from relaxation during pregnancy, (which included bonding with bump) through to labour, active birth and how to cope with it.


I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and have been attending YogaBirth classes since around 18 weeks, on the recommendations of 2 friends. It is the best thing I have done during my pregnancy. It helps you to feel calm and relaxed and in control of your body. I am sure the breathing techniques you learn will be invaluable during labour and also the various positions you learn to help you when the big day comes. I feel so much calmer about giving birth thanks to these classes. Our teacher is so knowledgeable – I have learnt more from her about pregnancy and birth than from anyone. I have also met some great mums-to-be who I hope to stay in contact with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this class to anyone and if I am lucky enough to have a second pregnancy I would definitely go back as soon as possible!


"I feel reassured and happy. I feel more..‘prepared’ for what is coming…"


"I attended YogaBirth classes from 16 weeks. I had had a complicated history and was classed as high risk of premature birth, however, the teacher’s knowledge and experience meant that I was in safe hands. Movements were either adapted to my needs or alternatives were provided. Each week I would learn from both her extensive knowledge of anatomy and the birth process. Our open discussion at the start of each week provided comfort in knowing the other attendees were experiencing similar symptoms and feelings, and often C. was able to recommend Yoga poses to alleviate discomfort. I will forever be grateful for the breathing exercises, which I found essential in labour and came automatically to me as I had begun lessons early on. The humming/meditation techniques we were taught felt strange in lessons and yet I tried them on my newborn and found that it soothes a screaming newborn and continue using humming to this present day (she is 17 weeks old). I am so glad I did YogaBirth and highly recommend it."


"Yoga far exceeded my expectations! In it I found a nurturing and safe space to not only begin to grow in strength and confidence in my body again but also in my journey as a mother and a woman.”