Your Questions

How are YogaBirth classes different?

There are many pregnancy yoga classes around, but YogaBirth classes are unique. Our highly qualified teachers expertly combine yoga asana (postures), breath awareness and childbirth education in a way that enables you to learn with both your body and your mind. Our teacher training course represents the gold standard in its field and is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. Many women tell us that the birth knowledge they gained through attending YogaBirth classes proved to be more valuable than any antenatal course they attended, and the friendships they formed along the way were a wonderful bonus. Our postnatal classes support your recovery and wellbeing and offer a supportive space to land in motherhood and navigate the ups and downs of life with a little one.

When can I start doing pregnancy yoga?
You can join a YogaBirth class any time from 13 weeks onwards. Some women like to come as soon as they possibly can.
How soon after the birth of my baby can I come to a postnatal class?
We would recommend joining a YogaBirth class any time from 6 weeks after a vaginal birth and from 8 weeks after a belly birth, but this will depend on your individual circumstances.
I’ve never done yoga before. Does this matter?
Not at all. Yoga is not a competitive sport. Our classes are appropriate both for beginners and those with past experience of yoga. We teach using straight forward language and our classes are inclusive. Our style of teaching is designed to draw the focus inwards, to notice the flow of the breath and the release of tension as your body becomes more responsive. A “beginners’ mind” can be a very good thing.
I’m not flexible at all! Are the classes for me?
Absolutely. Contrary to what people generally think, yoga is not about being flexible. The style of yoga we teach is about feeling grounded, vital and strong.
I’m already doing yoga. Can I carry on with my regular class during pregnancy?
That depends on a few things. Some yoga teachers have done additional training to learn how to safely integrate pregnant women into their classes. If your teacher has done a pregnancy training and is confident in modifying the poses for pregnancy, you may want to carry on with your regular class. Most women find that as their body changes, becoming heavier and softer, they feel naturally drawn towards a class tailored specifically for pregnant women. The knowledge gained in a YogaBirth class, alongside meeting other women going through a similar experience, will allow your confidence to grow as you approach the birth of your baby.
Do I need a mat or other equipment?
For online classes it’s best to have a yoga mat and plenty of cushions handy. When attending a regular class, YogaBirth teachers provide mats and any additional equipment (yoga belts, blocks, cushions, birth balls). Some women like to bring their own personal mat to the class, which is also fine by us.
What do I need to wear?
We want you to feel comfortable and able to move with ease so that you can get the most out of the class. Loose fitting tops, leggings or sweatpants are all good options. You don’t need to wear any purpose designed yoga clothes.
I’ve just started maternity leave. Is there any point starting classes this late in my pregnancy?
Absolutely! It’s not too late to join a YogaBirth pregnancy class. You will feel the benefits after just one session, and you will come away with some useful tools to help you with your baby’s birth.
I’m planning a caesarean birth. Are YogaBirth classes suitable for me?
Yes! YogaBirth classes are for everyone who’s bringing a new life into the world. Our teachers have extensive experience of supporting women to have a safe and satisfying birth, and they know that positive births take many forms. The movements you will learn in the classes, as well as the breath awareness, will help you to approach your caesarean feeling strong and grounded. They will also help you during your postnatal recovery. YogaBirth classes encourage all birthing women to be informed: to look at good quality evidence and to make the choices that are right for them, which may be entirely different from the choices made by someone else. Births are as individual as people.
I have a sore back. Is yoga safe for me?
It is quite common to experience aches and pains during pregnancy and after giving birth. Our specialised yoga is safe and designed to support your changing body. Many women experience great relief and feel so much better in themselves, through coming to a YogaBirth class.
Speak to your YogaBirth teacher, who will know how best to help you.
I have some health issues. Is yoga safe for me?
Always let your teacher know about any injuries or complications with your pregnancy or birth recovery. Our teachers are well informed and will know how to modify the postures or movements to make them safe for you and your baby. There is always a way to adapt the yoga so that it meets your needs. Yoga is for every body.
Are YogaBirth classes mainly for first time mums? I’m pregnant with no.3.
Most of the women we meet first time around come back again with subsequent pregnancies and tell us that they can’t imagine going through pregnancy without YogaBirth classes. In fact it may be the only time during the week that they’re able to step away from the busy-ness of everyday life and nourish themselves. We love creating community in our classes. By sharing their knowledge with first timers, experienced mums add to the chain of wisdom that’s handed down from mother to mother. In this way, many women form long lasting friendships and support networks, whether it’s their first pregnancy or their fifth.
My baby is 6 months old. is it too late to start postnatal classes?
It’s never too late to join a postnatal class. Get in touch with your local YogaBirth teacher to discuss your needs.
Do I bring my baby?
Our postnatal classes are designed for mothers, and the babies come along too. But if you’re able to come along without your baby, that is also fine. You are welcome to come however works best for you.
What if my baby cries during yoga?
Every parent knows that babies cry and are sometimes extremely hard work! We are not expecting your baby to ‘behave’. We fully anticipate that babies cry at times and need settling, and sometimes this means that your yoga practice is interrupted. Our teachers are experts at creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All the mums in the class will be going through similar situations and at some time or another everyone’s little one will cry.
What if my baby needs feeding during yoga?
Babies need feeding! All mums know that this can sometimes happen at inconvenient times. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you can feed your baby at any time during the class. Your teacher will help you to make the most of these precious moments by making sure you are comfortable and well supported.
How much are YogaBirth classes?

Prices vary, depending on location and length of class. Your teacher will be able to give you full details.
Concessionary rates are offered where necessary, so that no one is excluded due to cost. Again, please contact individual teachers for more information.