I wanted to write to say a big thank you for the yoga classes these past few months. I didn’t know quite what to expect but they quickly became one of my favourite hours of the week – a quiet time to really focus on my baby and de-stress from the battles of work. I learnt an enormous amount from you about relaxation, distancing myself from pain and breathing. I started to look forward to giving birth to see what my body was capable of doing. As it turns out, baby was lying breech for the final few weeks of pregnancy. The day after our final yoga class, my waters broke with gusto at home and so we made our way to hospital. We decided that, due to a variety of factors, we would prefer to have a Caesarean section. This then all happened very efficiently – from my waters breaking at 8am, our beautiful baby boy was delivered at 2.33pm in theatre. Whilst he was three and a half weeks early and didn’t exactly follow our natural birth plan, he is absolutely fine and charming the socks off everyone already – we’re besotted!