With Yogabirth’s next Yoga Teacher Training course just around the corner, we wanted to bring you an insight into who we are and why we feel so much passion in empowering women in all things pregnancy, birth and motherhood so very much. Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are massive life milestones. Each woman’s motherhood journey is as unique as she/they is/are. At YogaBirth we are all about supporting each woman on their personal journey. Their vision, their desires, dilemmas, challenges and choices.

We have been beavering away since 2001 accompanying and empowering people. It’s our passion, our purpose and we are experts at what we do.

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Who we are

YogaBirth is a professional organisation of highly experienced yoga teachers and birth “educators”. Our unique body of work is dedicated to the childbearing year. We fly the Gold Standard in our work and take what we do very seriously. Our teachers are the most highly trained pregnancy and postnatal yoga professionals in the UK. Our 300 hour teacher training is the longest and most in – depth training of its kind. It is accredited and endorsed by The Royal College of Midwives. We are hugely proud of it and of the extraordinary teachers who have been borne from it.

Through our exceptional classes women:


  • Feel confident in their choices and what feels right for them
  • Grow trust in their body’s wisdom, in its power and in themselves
  • Are flexible, stronger and more resilient in meeting labour, in birth and in their mothering
  • Feel calmer, more at ease and comfortable during pregnancy and after birth
  • Gather knowledge; know their options, their rights
  • Are informed to make the choices that are right for them
  • Find support; meet other women, make friends, share experiences
  • Feel empowered and powerful during pregnancy, birth and into motherhood
  • Celebrate their unique and personal journey
  • Take time to connect with their growing baby
  • Approach labour with peace of mind
  • Value themselves as people and as parents.
  • Know that they can show up vulnerable and will find a non-judging, caring space.
Student YogaBirth Teachers

The YogaBirth Way

YogaBirth are passionate and excited about all things around pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Every person is unique and special, and each pregnancy and birth is just as unique. We are committed to being in service to women during their very personal journey and in the choices they make during their pregnancy and their birth. We believe every woman has the right to choose what will create a positive experience for her. Making this very special milestone time, personal and growthful.
Over the past 20 years we have evolved a specialised yoga – based approach, that blends expert birth knowledge and practical information to enhance and support pregnancy, labour and birth. A powerful unique fusion of movement, postures, breathwork, support and practical knowledge for the childbearing year ….and much, much, more.

We are passionate about motherhood and love supporting the extraordinary work all mamas do. Continuity is vital. And so we offer a nourishing, inclusive and friendly continuation after birth for all mamas. YogaBirth teachers are the most highly trained pregnancy and postnatal yoga teachers in the UK . We take our passion very seriously and are dedicated to offering our clients so much more.

Teacher Training Student

What women are saying about us:

“Yoga is more than just the physical of getting women to use their bodies to open for birth. The practise engenders calm and going into and developing awareness of their own being…They are more likely to cope with labour and have normal births because they trust the birth process and more than ever trust themselves and their ability to go with the flow.”
Christine Grabowska, Midwife

“The support I got from being around other new mums was amazing; the yoga was relaxing, and I loved the talks.”

“The classes gave me the knowledge I needed to feel confident about my choices in labour & overcome my fears.”

“Yoga far exceeded my expectations! In it I found a nurturing and safe space to not only begin to grow in strength and confidence in my body again but also in my journey as a mother and woman.”

“I attended YogaBirth classes during my pregnancy and followed up with the post-pregnancy classes where I could bring my little boy. In both classes I felt safe to share my innermost worries and concerns and fantastic milestones in my little one’s development. The classes were always insightful and it was so good to get ideas from other mums. There is no judgement only support and discussions. The post-pregnancy classes were the highlight of my week. It was a little part of my Inner sanctuary and truly helped me through the harder days of being a new mum”.

“…when women have been practising yoga. They display an inner calmness, an acceptance of the process. They are working with their body & their baby. For me it’s an easy job to support these women as they require so little but positive intention, and the satisfaction afterward when they hold their newborn and recognise they did it themselves. Magic.”
Anna Nella, Midwife

A Special Kind of Yoga Teacher Training

Our training is the longest and most in depth training in the UK. No quick fix for us! It provides a level, depth and breadth of knowledge, experience and professionalism, rooted in the most current research and best practice.

We’re always on the look-out for talented individuals, inspired by the Yogabirth Way, to join our team. When you study with YogaBirth, you become part of our vibrant and inspirational community and sisterhood. In community we work together to offer the best possible service to the women in our classes and grow our knowledge base through our wonderful CPD events.

Developed over 25 years, our Teacher Training Courses are unique. Taught by highly specialised yoga teachers and childbirth educators. We train only a very select number of people every year. If you feel curious and called to find out more, please do get in touch. We are very friendly and love meeting like-minded souls. Our next training starts in May 2021 but never fear, we take applications up until the last minute – one of our most recent teachers applied just the week before the course began!

What people are saying about our training:

“The tutors where phenomenally inspiring.”

“The knowledge and wisdom we learned about the birth process and birth related topics was very comprehensive. Much, much, more than the Doula training or other workshops I have attended. I honestly feel that this wealth of teaching needs to be put into a book so that more people can access it.”

“…it really is a beautifully run and taught course.”

“Both students and tutors were all fantastic and there was a real sense of community, of wanting to support one another, appreciation of our different approaches etc. The tutors where phenomenally inspiring, thoughtful and sensitive to our needs. It really is a very special, magical course and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering learning to teach pregnancy yoga.”

“I felt constantly challenged, inspired and interested by the content we covered and the new skills we were taught. I loved the sense of achievement I took away from most weekends.”

If you’d like to enquire about training with YogaBirth, contact us by clicking the button below.

Written by Ruth Polden
Co Director YogaBirth Training
Co Chair YogaBirth
Mother, Baker and Hiker
Ruth Polden