Women that inspire us

By YogaBirth members

For International Women’s Day this year we wanted to shine a light on some of the incredible women in the birthing world that inspired us to embark on the wonderful work that we do. We asked some of our members and YogaBirth teachers…who inspires you and why?.

Liliana Lammers

“Liliana Lammers…because when it comes to birth, she is the good witch of the north. In Hampstead to be exact but you get what I mean. She is the godmother doula. She presides!  She can be accompanying someone in labour – she could just be sitting at home. It doesn’t matter. Somehow she silently and continually transmits the message mothers everywhere need to hear and feel – ‘You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.’  She waves the wand and you go, ah, of course!  I know how to do this.” 

By Natalie Meddings

Liliana Lammers

Vanda Scaravelli

“I would like to honour Vanda Scaravelli on International Women’s Day, as her yoga is the basis of our YogaBirth teachings. The way we help women through pregnancy, birth & beyond is to give them an understanding of movement, gravity & breath….how to let go and feel the wonderful wave of the breath, the release of the spine on the exhalation, & how to ride the intense waves of contractions”


“To follow the way the spine functions during this process of breathing is of the greatest interest. The wave of expansion while exhaling, originating from the spine, is the basis of our teaching…..”   Vanda Scaravelli

By Claire Whitman

Vanda Scaravelli

Janet Balaskas

“I have been inspired by Janet Balaskas who I met 40 years ago and her passion and bravery in speaking out about Active Birth made a deep impression on me. “


Binnie Dansby

“Binnie Dansby whose work with the breath and how it helps us to release fears and traumas can be key in our own birthing and living our fullest lives.”


Sheila Kitzinger

“Sheila Kitzinger who spoke about women’s experiences in birth, breastfeeding and much more.”

By Julie Krausz

Janet Balaskas

Ina May Gaskin

Ina May has been an inspiration to me because  her seminal book Spiritual Midwifery (1977) presented pregnancy and birth in a wholesome and natural light.

Natural human qualities of love, touch, intimacy, giving the birthing mother space and privacy and the role of her partner were all given importance.

She also introduced the concept that birth was a spiritual and sexual event.

She has been an advocate for safe, woman-centred childbirth that promotes the physical and mental health of mother and child.

She voiced what I instinctively knew what birth could be and her unwavering belief has been an anchor for me.

Aligning the word spiritual with birth is an important one for me, as it defines birth as a creative process rather than a medical event. 

By Amanda Edwards

Ina May Gaskin