YogaBirth offer pregnancy yoga classes with a difference. We invite every woman bringing new life into the world to connect with her innate wisdom through yoga. What women experience through our unique YogaBirth style of pregnancy yoga influenced by the work of Vanda Scaravelli is incredible, as this passage by YogaBirth founding member Lolly Stirk can attest to.

Pregnancy Yoga like no other

Many years ago, after attending several of my weekly pregnancy yoga sessions, I noticed one of the women hanging back and suspected she wanted to ask or tell me something.

“You know these classes you teach are not just pregnancy yoga classes, don’t you?”

“Do tell” I replied.

“You approach us on every level. From the tea and biscuits in the circle at the beginning when we meet up, discuss what it is like being pregnant, how we are feeling, or where we can get the best baby slings. Or you spend time teaching us something about pregnancy, childbirth and after the baby is born. Or someone comes back to talk about their birth and show off their baby. And we receive such valuable horse’s mouth information! And then we go on to practise yoga which is unlike any I have experienced in other classes. We seem to be working from the inside out. It’s like tuning into something that is already there but I hadn’t noticed!”

Eagle Arms

Yoga from the inside out

YogaBirth classes are different for many reasons. The most important difference are the teachers. Michel Odent said that midwives are born, not trained and I suspect this also goes for YogaBirth teachers. The yoga we teach does indeed work from the inside out, working with the body rather than against it and each class is a mini rehearsal for labour and birth. Through the breathwork, positions and movements we are opening up the possibility of women having the courage and tools to let go to the most natural of all processes without fear. We love being ‘with’ women and their growing families and imparting our knowledge and experience. Through creating community and passing on not only the intellectual but the physical information in our classes we hope to make a difference to their lives.

Lolly Stirk tecaching pregnancy yoga
postnatal yoga

YogaBirth Teacher Training

Would you be interested in finding out more about how to become our next YogaBirth teacher and making this kind of a difference to women’s lives? Our next course begins in May 2021 and applications are currently being accepted. We would love to speak with you!

Lolly Stirk
Founder of YogaBirth
Doula & Hypnobirther

Lolly Stirk tecaching pregnancy yoga