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Vicky Bryant-Funnell

Vicky Bryant-FunnellVicky has always had an interest in yoga, but only started practising after she become pregnant with her third child. Since then, she has practised yoga on and off, but her interest really grew when the practice of yoga greatly helped her recover from illness and surgery.

As a midwife, Vicky realised that the pregnant people she works with could greatly benefit from yoga. In order to deepen her own knowledge Vicky sought a pregnancy focussed teacher training course.

Vicky has trained with Yogabirth and has had the benefit of learning from the positive, knowledgeable and expert Yogabirth teachers. She also studies yoga inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, and attends workshops and classes from some of the country's leading Scaravelli inspired yoga teachers. Both Yogabirth and Scaravelli inspired yoga lend themselves beautifully to develop the intelligence and wisdom of the body, and attending classes will support and prepare you for this momentous time in your life.

Vicky teaches her classes at the Clifton Grange Studio, Clifton, PR4 0XL
Please contact Vicky by email for more information.

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Clifton Grange, Preston, UK
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