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Tracy Awere

My name is Tracy, founder of Sankofa Pregnancy Yoga, and I have been working with pregnant women since 2014. It was my own pregnancy and the birth of my son in 2009 that sparked my passion for birthwork and I am both a hypnobirthing teacher and pregnancy yoga teacher.

​I am proud to have studied and gained my pregnancy yoga qualification with YogaBirth whose teacher training is accredited and endorsed by the Royal College of Midwives.

YogaBirth is unique in that the classes combine yoga with birth education and many of the postures and movements are also physiological labour and birth positions. The breathing patterns taught in class also easily turn into the natural breath of labour and birth.

I have practised Hatha and Scaravelli-inspired yoga for many years and enjoy combining breath with mindful movement to both calm the mind and build awareness within the body.

I've found this to be especially valuable for pregnant women as their bodies change from week to week and this approach helps them to adjust to their new physical and emotional states.

My aim through my teaching is to empower mums-to-be on their unique birth journeys by providing the information and tools they need to feel, believe, and understand the wisdom and strength of their bodies.

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