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Shayla Riordan

In 1980, newly pregnant, Shayla went to classes with Janet Balaskas and was inspired by the great experiences she had there, to train as an Active Birth teacher. The classes helped her get through a long and difficult labour, and to become the first woman to give birth squatting in Harrow Rd Hospital! She started off in north London in 1984, over 25 years ago, teaching in a private centre and a local authority family centre. Since then she has taught Pregnancy Yoga, Mother & Baby classes, incl Baby Massage & Birth Preparation Courses for couples.  She also taught for many years in Cork, Ireland and now in Co. Kerry. In Cork, she started a Stretch and Relax class for mothers – a space away from family, just for her, with yoga, massage, relaxation and supportive conversation, which the women loved.

She has been with YogaBirth since it’s foundation. She has worked as a psychotherapist, massage therapist and rebirther and group facilitator for transformational workshops. She has some training in Birthing from Within, and Calm Birth. She is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, working with all ages from newborn to elderly. This can be very helpful in pregnancy and for newborn babies. She has trained in Castellino Prenatal & Birth Therapy, which helps to resolve imprints from our earliest experiences. This can be done with mothers and fathers in pregnancy, to help heal any difficult early issues, and postnatally, with their baby, if the birth was difficult or there are issues with feeding, attachment. She trained in Somatic Experiencing, Peter Levine’s approach to resolving trauma, and as a Shamanic practitioner. Her new centre in Kerry is a beautiful space, with mountains all around, where people feel welcome and the ambience fosters relaxation and rest.

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County Kerry, Munster, Ireland