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Etta Bell

Etta Bell
Etta has been deeply interested in the healing power of movement since she was a child. Coming from a dance background, she started teaching and choregraphing dance from the age of 18, and was then drawn to yoga. Etta spent several years in India and Sri Lanka deepening her training in yoga and meditation.
She has taught in and around London for 15 years. She co-founded Kickstep Wellbeing, an organisation aimed at spreading knowledge of wellbeing to children and adults in London.

Etta is inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli, Peter Blackaby and Gary Carter.

Etta was introduced to Yoga birth while pregnant with her first child, when she attended pregnancy yoga classes with Lolly Stirk. The classes had a profoundly positive effect on how she experienced her pregnancy and birth. So much so, Etta returned to Lolly’s classes when pregnant with her second child. Having had two beautifully supported birth experiences, so ignited a passion to do this work herself and to help support women and families through this transformational time of their lives.

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Bath BA2 7FY, UK
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