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Alana Gardener

Alana GardenerAlana’s interest in yoga first began 6 years ago whilst she was training to become a midwife, finding that classes let her focus on the present during a busy time in her life. In her training, she found particular interest in exercise and yoga in pregnancy, basing her dissertation on the effect exercise can have on maternal physical and mental wellbeing. Having found YogaBirth in 2016 as the only RCM accredited yoga teacher training course, she aspired to qualify as a YogaBirth teacher to give women a space to pause, to listen to their body, have quality time for themselves all whilst encompassing birth preparation in yoga tailored for the pregnant body.

She is currently offering classes in Oxford - please have a look at her page to book. She would love to see you at her classes for some time dedicated to movement, to breathe, and to a cup of tea together to finish it off!

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Witney, Oxfordshire OX29 7DL
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