“We really enjoyed the yoga and I’ll always remember it very fondly as part of my post-baby bliss.”


“It was an incredible experience. It was so good to have all the preparation. My YogaBirth classes really really helped me.”


“The classes surpass any other yoga class experience, on so many levels. It gave me boundless opportunities in exploring and realising what my body can do and the quality of life it brought me.”


“The classes were always insightful and a great environment to get ideas from other mums. There is no judgement only support and discussions. The post-pregnancy classes were the highlight of my week. It was a little part of my Inner sanctuary and truly helped me through the harder days of being a new mum.”


“Just to let you know that S arrived (nearly 2 weeks late) weighing 7lb 12.5oz.About a 6 hour labour with no complications & we are both doing fine. The yoga classes were excellent & can you wish everyone else left in the class all the best.”


“Thank you hugely for your classes, the birth was fantastic & exactly to plan. S. was born in the water – it was very serene. Please send everyone in the class my love & I look forward to hearing news & catching up with them at the reunion.”