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Rena Zenonos

Over the past 15 years Rena has acquired skills, experience and qualifications in textiles and design, photography and art, nursery nursing, primary school education and most importantly, motherhood. All which have shaped her as a person and have enriched her life, enabling her to pursue her passion as a yogabirth teacher, childbirth educator and Doula.

Rena’s yoga journey began in her early 20’s, practising Hatha Yoga. This gave her the tools to confront everyday challenges and expectations in todays’ society, enabling her to release any tensions and clear her mindset of any negativity or worries.

Growing-up within a childminding environment and surrounded by a family of teachers, Rena has always felt the need to care and nurture. Rena’s career path changed when she was pregnant with her first-born. She had attended Yogabirth classes and felt it had changed her whole out-look and approach to birth.

Rena’s teaching is enriched by her artistic and musical background, interests and cultural surroundings. She is a firm believer in the freedom of expression and choice without passing any judgement or expectations on the individual. Within her yoga classes she weaves creative elements and inspirations that have influenced, guided and empowered her. Rena hopes these will bear a positive experience in a way they have for her.

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Haringey, London
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