Claire Whitman discovered yoga in 1994 when pregnant with her first child, she attended yoga classes with Lolly Stirk for all three of her pregnancies and had very positive natural births, one at Queen Charlotte’s and then two wonderful home births. Empowered by the knowledge and strength she gained, she felt compelled to help other women through their pregnancy journey, and retrained with Janet Balaskas to become an Active Birth pregnancy yoga teacher, qualifying in 2003. Further Teacher training in Postnatal Yoga with Lolly Stirk & YogaBirth, Well Woman Yoga Therapy with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli & Yogacampus, ‘ What Lies Beneath’ and continuous Scaravelli inspired work with John Stirk, her main teacher. She also trained as a doula with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers. More recently Claire completed the 300 hour Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training, with Catherine Annis, Pete Blackaby, Gary Carter & Tanya Love.

Claire teaches Pregnacy yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Birth Preparation & Recovery Workshops and also Hatha/ Scaravelli inspired general classes for all. She is particularly fascinated with how the body ages, and passionate in helping all her students feel strong, supple and move with ease at any age and stage. Her classes invite an exploration of the body, encourage a deep awareness and understanding, and focus on breath and movement to gently release tension and find space within, to gain more strength and knowledge of oneself. Her pregnancy & Postnatal classes inspire confidence in the body’s own ability, our innate intelligence within, and help women prepare & recover from birth.

During the pandemic like other teachers she began teaching online, and recognising a huge need for extra support for women through pregnancy, birth & beyond she Co- Founded MotherTime, an online community for all Mothers.

My name is Tracy, founder of Sankofa Pregnancy Yoga, and I have been working with pregnant women since 2014. It was my own pregnancy and the birth of my son in 2009 that sparked my passion for birthwork and I am both a hypnobirthing teacher and pregnancy yoga teacher.

​I am proud to have studied and gained my pregnancy yoga qualification with YogaBirth whose teacher training is accredited and endorsed by the Royal College of Midwives.

YogaBirth is unique in that the classes combine yoga with birth education and many of the postures and movements are also physiological labour and birth positions. The breathing patterns taught in class also easily turn into the natural breath of labour and birth.

I have practised Hatha and Scaravelli-inspired yoga for many years and enjoy combining breath with mindful movement to both calm the mind and build awareness within the body.

I’ve found this to be especially valuable for pregnant women as their bodies change from week to week and this approach helps them to adjust to their new physical and emotional states.

My aim through my teaching is to empower mums-to-be on their unique birth journeys by providing the information and tools they need to feel, believe, and understand the wisdom and strength of their bodies.

Vicky Bryant-Funnell
Vicky has always had an interest in yoga, but only started practising after she become pregnant with her third child. Since then, she has practised yoga on and off, but her interest really grew when the practice of yoga greatly helped her recover from illness and surgery.

As a midwife, Vicky realised that the pregnant people she works with could greatly benefit from yoga. In order to deepen her own knowledge Vicky sought a pregnancy focussed teacher training course.

Vicky has trained with Yogabirth and has had the benefit of learning from the positive, knowledgeable and expert Yogabirth teachers. She also studies yoga inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, and attends workshops and classes from some of the country’s leading Scaravelli inspired yoga teachers. Both Yogabirth and Scaravelli inspired yoga lend themselves beautifully to develop the intelligence and wisdom of the body, and attending classes will support and prepare you for this momentous time in your life.

Vicky currently teaches yoga in Blackpool where she also works as a midwife.

Etta Bell
Etta has been deeply interested in the healing power of movement since she was a child. Coming from a dance background, she started teaching and choregraphing dance from the age of 18, and was then drawn to yoga. Etta spent several years in India and Sri Lanka deepening her training in yoga and meditation.
She has taught in and around London for 15 years. She co-founded Kickstep Wellbeing, an organisation aimed at spreading knowledge of wellbeing to children and adults in London.

Etta is inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli, Peter Blackaby and Gary Carter.

Etta was introduced to Yoga birth while pregnant with her first child, when she attended pregnancy yoga classes with Lolly Stirk. The classes had a profoundly positive effect on how she experienced her pregnancy and birth. So much so, Etta returned to Lolly’s classes when pregnant with her second child. Having had two beautifully supported birth experiences, so ignited a passion to do this work herself and to help support women and families through this transformational time of their lives.

Tracey Luggeri holds prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga classes with baby massage, at ‘The Letchworth Centre for Healthy living’ between Hitchin and Letchworth in Hertfordshire.

Tracey started her yoga journey at the Putney Shivananda centre in London in the early 90’s, and went on to attend Yvonne Moore’s Prenatal yoga classes, (a founder of Yogabirth) during the pregnancy of her second child. Attending the first Yogabirth Teacher training course, she started teaching in 2006. In 2015, Tracey gained her teacher training for general yoga and currently runs 7 classes a week.

She loves to encourage women to enquire through postures, breath and meditation, the uniqueness of their body. Leading women to gain confidence in their body’s innate ability during pregnancy, labour and birth.