Our Classes

pregnancy yoga classIn YogaBirth classes you will learn deep and gentle bodywork appropriate for pregnancy and the postnatal period. Important exercises, including pelvic floor and postural awareness, will be integrated to optimise health during the childbearing year.


You will prepare for labour and birth and learn gravity-assisting positions and movements. These provide great comfort, keep your baby well-oxygenated, and potentially make the birth easier, faster and uncomplicated.

Breathing, essential to life and birth, is the core of YogaBirth classes. Over the weeks, through the practice of simple breath awareness, you will become familiar with the natural rhythm of your breath and increase your ability to focus inward. This practise helps calm the busy mind, clearing the way for you to listen to your own intuitive voice. With greater clarity, you can realise your intentions for birth and yet remain open to the individuality of each birth.

These insights help dispel much of the fear around the birthing process so that you can approach labour with peace of mind: with trust in your body’s natural wisdom and power, and confidence in your innate ability to give birth. When your body takes over during labour you can instinctively use your breath to soothe, steady and guide yourself through the contractions.

YogaBirth classes are not spiritually prescriptive, yet often through our work we help women to sense and appreciate the miracle of life growing inside and encourage them to joyfully accept the way their bodies change over the months. As a woman embraces her precious status in the world as a mother-to-be, she may increase her commitment to nurturing herself and thus ensuring her baby’s wellbeing.

By facilitating weekly meetings of women in a familiar, relaxing environment, YogaBirth classes provide continuity during both the antenatal and postnatal periods, and a forum for women to meet other pregnant women and new mothers. Women gain great support and learn enormously from each other: sharing information, experiences, feelings and confidence.

After each class we chat over tea, and often mothers return to introduce their new babies and to share and celebrate their birth experiences. These sessions create a sense of community: we are all women living a similar experience, and part of the family of mothers around the world giving birth to 300,000 new lives every day.