Breathing, essential to life and birth, is the core of YogaBirth classes.  Over the weeks spent with our teachers, through the practice of simple breath awareness, visualisation and sounding, you will become familiar with the natural rhythm of your breath and increase your ability to focus inward.   The repetitious nature of this work is a form of self-hypnosis.

hypnobreathing hypnobirthing

When practised in simple postures hypnobreathing will enable you to go into the “zone”- a meditative state which is perfect for labour. This practice is healing and calms the busy mind during pregnancy, clearing the way for you to listen to your own intuitive voice.  Breath awareness is the background to all YogaBirth classes, so that when the time comes and your body takes over during labour you will instinctively know how to use your breath to soothe, steady and guide yourself through the waves of contractions and breathe yourself to an easier birth.

hypno breathing hypno birthing