yoga for pregnancy

How are YogaBirth classes different?
It may be possible to attend a general yoga class during your pregnancy, especially if you have been attending the class for some time and your teacher knows you well. However going to a class for pregnancy will mean you can do all of the poses and that they are safe for you. Yoga classes that are just for pregnant women are designed to be safe and enjoyable and YogaBirth classes will help to prepare you in mind and body for your baby’s arrival. In YogaBirth classes you will experience specific breathing for pregnancy and birth, poses to prepare your body and learn about things like optimal fetal positioning.

Are these classes safe for my pregnancy and baby?
YogaBirth classes are designed to be safe in pregnancy and for your baby. It is best to start pregnancy yoga after 12 weeks, and to update your teacher with any changes in your health throughout your pregnancy. Postnatal yoga is designed to bring your body back together safely. How your birth went will affect what poses are most helpful for you. Most importantly let your teacher know how you have been feeling so she can look after you well.

I have a bad back and high blood pressure, is yoga safe for me? 
Yoga, done with care and consistency, is good for bad backs and high blood pressure. Yoga decreases stress and strengthens and releases the back muscles. The way that you do yoga is vital. With good teaching, and with care on your part, yoga is ideal as a way of dealing with these problems. Certain poses may not be advisable, so please discuss this with your teacher.

Is yoga a religion or a cult? 
No, it is not. Yoga means union. For most people yoga is about bringing balance to the body and emotions.

After class I feel sleepy, is this OK?
If you lead a hectic life and have little time to slow down yoga may make you feel sleepy. If you feel sleepy after a class, the best thing is to take time to recover. Often women feel energised after class and then go on to have a deep sleep that evening.

Is the relaxation at the end of the class vital, sometimes I have to leave class early?
During a yoga class we exercise the body. After this the body has a natural need to rest. This allows the body to process the yoga we have done and this is why relaxation is so important. Leaving class early is certainly not ideal. If it is a case of ‘yoga with no relaxation’ or ‘no yoga at all’, then leaving class early every so often is a very sensible choice.

Why can my friend do yoga better than me?
In yoga we work from where we are as individuals, our bodies work differently. Yoga is not about achieving great looking poses, but about finding an inner strength, balance and clarity. Your friend may do yoga ‘better’ than you because she is a dancer or gymnast, because she is practicing every day at home or because she holds very little muscle tension. Look to your strengths, and admire but don’t envy your friend her abilities. She is just another person trying to find her balance in the world.

What other exercise can I do safely? 
When considering other forms of exercise choose something that makes you feel good and looks after your body. Walking is very beneficial, especially when you do short walks where you feel comfortable and good afterwards. Swimming is an excellent activity as the water protects the body from injury, keeps the body in balance and the spine well aligned. IF you have PSD avoid breaststroke.

What about different styles of yoga?
Different styles of yoga focus on different things. Yoga for 18 year old men will be dynamic, and yoga for pregnant women will have more emphasis on birth preparation and inner calm. YogaBirth classes are for pregnancy, childbirth, postnatal and your baby. Our classes are specially devised to be safe and positively helpful. YogaBirth classes are Scaravelli-based, which means they are focused on allowing the body to flow and find a natural harmony.

I don’t know if I can afford the classes?
Concessionary rates are offered where necessary so that no one is excluded due to cost. Please contact individual teachers for more information.