Birth workshops

Couple expecting a babyExploring the ways to make your birth experience easier. Birth partners are best able to help when they have an understanding of giving birth. This practical workshop helps both of you know what to expect, what you can do to help, and what to avoid… for your birth, your relationship, and your baby.

Approaching the birth can be a time of mixed emotions for you and your partner. Whether this is your first baby or you have given birth before, you probably have some questions and concerns. After attending a YogaBirth Workshop or Course, you will feel more confident about your ability to give birth normally. You will also feel prepared to make informed decisions and use medical support wisely should you or your baby need assistance.

This workshop gives you effective tools to cope with the intensity of your labour, and to transform your birth experience into an empowering, even enjoyable experience.

These workshops include:

  • Understanding the process of labour
  • Pain perception and resources for coping
  • Water labour and birth
  • Massage and pressure techniques
  • Breathing, relaxation and positive visualisations
  • Active birth positions
  • Use of movement and gravity assisted positions
  • Positive solutions to possible problems
  • Medical support
  • Preparing your birth wishes/birth plan
  • For women and their birth partners

YogaBirth teachers may offer Birth Preparation as a single workshop or a course of several sessions.