Birth Stories

Lots of mothers email us their birth stories after taking our classes – we asked a few if we could feature their stories here for you to read.

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Forever be grateful for the breathing exercises

I attended YogaBirth classes from 16 weeks. I had had a complicated history and was classed as high risk of premature birth, however, the teacher’s knowledge and experience meant that I was in safe hands. Movements were either adapted to my needs or alternatives were provided. Each week I would learn from both her extensive knowledge of anatomy and the birth process. Our open discussion at the start of each week provided comfort in knowing the other attendees were experiencing similar symptoms and feelings, and often C. was able to recommend Yoga poses to alleviate discomfort. I will forever be grateful for the breathing exercises, which I found essential in labour and came automatically to me as I had begun lessons early on. The humming/meditation techniques we were taught felt strange in lessons and yet I tried them on my newborn and found that it soothes a screaming newborn and continue using humming to this present day (she is 17 weeks old). I am so glad I did YogaBirth and highly recommend it.

Breathing techniques

I first started YogaBirth classes when I was 15 weeks pregnant and continued until the end of my pregnancy. I was struggling with lower back pain and bad heartburn and yoga helped me so much.
I had a lovely relaxed water birth & I really do believe that I wouldn’t have got through it without my breathing techniques.

S. is a very calm & chilled out baby and I think alot of that is due to the pregnancy yoga.

Calm, relaxed and in control

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and have been attending YogaBirth classes since around 18 weeks, on the recommendations of 2 friends. It is the best thing I have done during my pregnancy. It helps you to feel calm and relaxed and in control of your body. I am sure the breathing techniques you learn will be invaluable during labour and also the various positions you learn to help you when the big day comes. I feel so much calmer about giving birth thanks to these classes. Our teacher is so knowledgeable – I have learnt more from her about pregnancy and birth than from anyone. I have also met some great mums-to-be who I hope to stay in contact with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this class to anyone and if I am lucky enough to have a second pregnancy I would definitely go back as soon as possible!

Relaxation during pregnancy

I started pregnancy yoga with YogaBirth when I was 26 weeks pregnant and wished I had discovered this class earlier! 
My life was positively hectic throughout my pregnancy and the classes gave me the chance to relax and focus solely on myself and my baby.  Our teacher was brilliant and she taught us a range of fundamental skills, from relaxation during pregnancy, (which included bonding with bump) through to labour, active birth and how to cope with it.
Essential breathing techniques and body positioning enabled me to feel comfortable, active and healthy while pregnant. As well as practicing yoga, our teacher also educated us about the relevant anatomy involved and this made me feel confident about the changes my body was going through and birth.

Yoga breathing

I attended classes from around 27 weeks pregnant and don’t think I’d have got by without YogaBirth.  I would say the only thing that got me through labour was my yoga breathing! I would highly recommend YogaBirth classes whether you have done yoga in the past or not. I have also made some lovely new friends through with similar aged babies.

Remarkable difference

I have been attending YogaBirth classes for several weeks now and its the best thing I have done throughout my pregnancy. I’m always left feeling relaxed and stress free! I was suffering from a few pregnancy niggles and after discussing these with C. she has shown me some exercises that have made a remarkable difference!
This is my first pregnancy and I felt quite clueless about what to expect. C. is very knowledgeable and informative and has made me feel calm and confident.

A quick water birth

“I just wanted to say thanks for a great introduction to Yoga on Wednesday night. It’s the first time I’ve ever done yoga. Usually, when not pregnant, I’ve always opted for the high impact aerobics and running, so it was lovely to try something new and know that it was all completely safe as paranoia seems to have set in with whatever I do/eat/drink since I’ve been pregnant.

I found the session very relaxing yet energising and will continue to use some of the back stretches and exercises at home. My back has felt much better already tending only to hurt now at the end of a day at work.

It was also really nice to meet and chat with other pregnant ladies and to realise that the feelings I have and the aches and pains are very normal and all part of it. Its also nice to be able to talk babies without worrying that people will get bored and think that’s all I ever talk about. Thanks again and looking forward to the next session.”

4 months later…

“We are really enjoying our lovely baby son and have had a very relaxed week settling him in. The labour and birth were quick and easy, in fact I was only in the birthing pool for 10 mins before he was born! I was able to labour at home until 6.30pm, using you yoga positions and breathing techniques, so a BIG thank-you yet again for the Wednesday classes and extra advice. I’m drinking fennel tea and the breastfeeding is going a treat! Would love to come and show him off next Wednesday evening if it is convenient, just let me know.”

A positive birth experience

“The birth, all in all was a very positive experience – A. was with me throughout labour and the birth, except for when he went for meals. We were also really happy with the midwives at the hospital and the way they did everything. It was just wonderful to have a second stage with the epidural wearing off, where I was not in much pain but actively feeling and managing the birth. And how amazing when he came out – he was in such a hurry, the second midwife did not make it. Thank you again for offering to be there. I’m sure it helped a lot knowing that there might have been that option. It was also really helpful chatting things through with you beforehand.”

Thankyou for a serene birth

“Thank you hugely for your classes, the birth was fantastic & exactly to plan. S. was born in the water – it was very serene. Please send everyone in the class my love & I look forward to hearing news & catching up with them at the reunion.”

Excellent classes

“Just to let you know that S arrived (nearly 2 weeks late) weighing 7lb 12.5oz.About a 6 hour labour with no complications & we are both doing fine. The yoga classes were excellent & can you wish everyone else left in the class all the best.”

My well-prepared birth partner

“I first felt some twinges on Christmas day – lower backache and mild period pains, but these had faded by the next day. This repeated on New Year’s Day, but this time strong enough to keep me awake. By the morning I was having definite contractions every 20 minutes. I went for a walk to speed things up, then a drive along a bumpy route. This worked – contractions every 12 minutes and every 5 minutes by the time we got home and getting stronger. I put on the TeNS machine; I’m not sure if it helped, but I liked having the dials to adjust to take my attention off the pain! After about 6 hours I felt unable to cope with the pain and phoned the hospital and had to go on all 4s while B. packed the bags. On arrival I totally lost control and would have willingly had an epidural, but regained some control when, upon examination the midwife told me I was 8 centimeters dilated! This gave me the encouragement to go on without pain relief, but the midwife wanted me monitored for some time because the baby’s heart rate was fast.

This was the first time in my labour I had been on my back and not surprisingly the contractions slowed right down. After an hour I had not dilated any further and the midwife suggested we have a syntocinon drip to speed things up. My partner asked her to take me off the monitor so that I could be upright. She agreed on the condition that I let her break my waters to make sure they were not discoloured with meconium [as a sign the baby was not in distress]. The waters were clear, but breaking the waters made my contractions so strong I could no longer cope with the pain so I asked for gas and air.

My partner persuaded me to kneel up (I would have quite happily stayed lying down). This made all the difference to the pain and an hour later the baby was born! The second stage lasted all of 10 minutes. I had decided beforehand to deliver the placenta naturally without syntometrine, and third stage did last another hour. On the whole I feel really positive about the birth but I think it would have been a very different experience if my partner had not been well-informed through attending the YogaBirth Birth Preparation classes. I think I would not have been able to assert myself, and he got me off the drip and up on to my knees, changing the direction the labour was moving in completely.”

A wonderful birth

“His birth was wonderful. Very long and hard work but such a great experience. I gave birth to him standing up with R holding me up. It was such a great moment when he came out and I held him for the first time. Life with a new born is pretty full on and has been quite an adjustment! It feels like he feeds all day and all night, breaking only to have his nappy changed or to puke up on his clothes. But it’s all worth it because he’s so fantastic.”

A totally natural delivery

“I gave birth to a baby girl (3 kilos!) at 1.41 am on Thursday The birth team (A wonderful midwife and acupuncturist) was amazing and with the help of the positions you taught us we managed to get through with a totally natural labour and delivery.

Thankfully there were no complications, no need for drugs, and the full labour lasted for less than 4 hours. We left the hospital on Thursday afternoon and have been at home ever since adapting to our new family life and trying to get used to sleepless nights!

Just wanted to thank you for all your support, without which it might have been quite a different experience. I will make a booking for your postnatal yoga classes.”

Second time around

“I now have another baby and was wondering if you are still running those classes – it was one of the highlights of the early days for me and I’d love to repeat it this time!”

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