Baby yoga

baby yoga classBaby yoga uses simplified yoga poses to help your baby enjoy life. Baby yoga is an ideal way to support your baby and help them develop through soothing movements. The poses are devised specially for babies and are based on traditional yoga poses.

  • Release tension from your baby’s muscles and aid sleep
  • Stimulate your baby’s body and brain for growth and learning
  • Help communication – learning to read your baby’s signs
  • Alleviate pain such as colic, digestive pains and teething


Baby Massage

baby massage class Many YogaBirth teachers include baby massage in their postnatal programme. Often, singing and baby yoga is also taught as part of the massage routine. Baby massage may either be included with the postnatal yoga or taught separately.

Communicating with your baby through loving touch and physical contact can be hugely beneficial to the parent-child relationship and to your baby’s development. Baby Massage is an easy and rewarding way to do this. It is practised sensitively whilst talking and playing with your baby.

  • Calms and relaxes baby and carer
  • Aids all aspects of online pharmacy no insurance, Rx Online Pharmacy cialis safe order Discount Pharmacy Canada, cialis overnight no prescription Drugstore Codes development – emotional, physical and cognitive
  • Strengthens parent and baby bonding