About us

The ancient Sanskrit word “yoga” means “union”. We believe that the union of mind, body and breath, as practised in YogaBirth classes, is the ideal way to prepare for labour and birth, and for the immense transition into motherhood.

Yogabirth teachers

Our integrity as YogaBirth teachers is rooted in our respect for every new mother, as well as our firm belief in the body’s natural intelligence and in the instinctive, physiological process of birth. We honour childbirth as a healthy, normal event in the life of a woman/ mother, family and society.

We also recognise that there is no correct way to give birth and that each woman makes individual choices. Sometimes birth requires appropriate medical support and we encourage a positive and open-minded attitude to the safety-net of modern technology. YogaBirth teachers are committed to providing up-to-date, unbiased information, so as to inform women but not make decisions for them, nor judge them for their preferences.

Through YogaBirth, parents can approach the birth of their baby aware of their options and of what is personally important and appropriate. They can move forward with a balanced attitude and with new resources for labour and early parenthood.